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>>megyn: we should let the officer's act inspire us for a random act of kindness or make a donation to a homeless or animal shelter. start right now. it is inspiring. i can make a difference in the life of some homeless person or some, you know, dog or cat or visit a neighbor. didn't he inspire to you do something? >>shepard: i read it last night and i was inspired but i went, instead, to dinner. >>megyn: you are a bad person. >>shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b." this is the surveillance video. it shows the moment a man
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realized he had become filthy rich. he ought to be happy. he could be the one would splits the record-breaking powerball jackpot. the details are ahead. someone came forward. we are a month away from the potential fiscal cliff that everyone is talking about. he is smiling. today the president and republican lawmakers publicly bashed each other on their plans for a deal. the details are ahead. a man with a big heart. a santa costume and a lot of $100. a lost them. he is bringing early holiday cheer to super storm sandy victims. that is ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city we met the family that held one of the winning tickets to the record-breaking $588 million powerball jackpot. cindy hill bought the ticket in dearborn, missouri, population
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500, half hour north of kansas city but she held off on checking the numbers. >> i didn't find out until the next day after i took my daughter to school and i want by to sigh the numbers. i got back in the car and i didn't have my glasses and i was, like, anying is that the right number? is that the right number? i was shaking, i called my husband and i said i think i am having a heart attack. >>shepard: i want a divorce. her husband, a mechanic, said he needed to seat winning ticket. who wouldn't? they live in the show me state and the six-year-old daughter says she wants a pony. >> remember early this year a woman in maryland claimed she won part of a record-breaking mega millions jackpot and appears in a news conference with a sweet swine hat on her head. more winners from the drawing will step forward. remember, lottery officials say
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a store in arizona also sold a ticket with winning numbers and there a chance this surveillance video could she the other winner. the man in yellow committing the numbers on a ticket inside the store in maryland. he punned his arms in excitedment. the slip of paper did have all the winning numbers but lottery organizers have yet to make it official. mike tobin is in the newsroom. will what they do? >> they talked about charities to donate to, and mark talked about buying a red camaro and the only one who really knew what she wanted was the beautiful little six-year-old adopted daughter, and she is the one who wanted the pony. the son got a call and he said keep it quiet and his dad put it on facebook. she wants to get through all of this and stay in dearborn, missouri, and return their lives
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back to normal. >>shepard: right, back to normal. do we know how much money they will end up with? >>reporter: the hill family is the only one we know. i hope it is someone from the road crew. the hill family went for the lump sum payment so their half of half a billion after taxes works out to be $136 million. million. >>shepard: pretty go. thank you, mike. have a great weekend. now we have a guy who won a jackpot in 2004 taking home $100 million before taxes. he says the family has already made some mistakes. steven, good afternoon. >>guest: good afternoon. >>shepard: what kind mistakes do you make after $100 million? >>guest: the first one is coming out too quickly before your ducks are in order. i am afraid cindy hail came out
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too early. a lot of things you have to take into account the no one knows what to do when you win. there are a lot of things you have to do looking back on it. >>shepard: theville toos are circling with history as your guide. >>guest: no question. if people are not on their front lawn now they will be shortly and the mail is already posted i guarantee. >>shepard: she wanted to get back did dearborn and get life back to normal. >>guest: that will not happen. that will not happen. >>shepard: i know because i looked at video, there were rough times long the way? >>guest: there was quite a few rough times. don't get me wrong, we have had a great run with it and we did a lot of good things since that time but the big question mark, you don't know what tomorrow
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will bring. with some of the people that come out of the woodwork. you hear about that. i still get letters eight years later. certainly not in the same amount, but these people are in for a tough road. i wish them all the best. if i can help them in any way i would love to do that. there is in book. there is in guide to tell these people what to do and how to do it. everyone else has a vested interest in what they do with mrs. hill, mr. and mrs. hill. the other winner potentially when they come out, you need someone that is impartial to help you guide that path they will be on for the reminder of their lives. >>shepard: is life pretty good? >>guest: life is wonderful. life is very good. i can help a lot of people and i do on a daily basis. we made a huge donation to toys for tots. that is the greatest got we have gotten. >>shepard: i bet half the
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audience smiled from ear to ear. great to meet you. thank you for coming by. >> now the fight over fiscal cliff, president obama stumping campaign style to prevent fast approaching spending cuts and expiring tax breaks and a potential economic disaster a month ago and toured a toy factory in pennsylvania, the company behind lincoln logs. the white house says the trip highlights the response extending the bush era tax cuts for everyone but now for any amount of money you make over $250,000. so everyone get as tax break but not anything over $250,000. that is the company's core customers and flames republicans for holding up the progress. republicans point the finger at the president. >> it is not acceptable to me or to you, i don't think, for a handful of the republicans in congress to hold middle-class tax cuts hostage. >> the white house took three
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weeks to respond with any kind of a proposal. to my disappointment, it wasn't a serious one. >>shepard: speaker boehner referred to meetings with the treasury secretary geithner. republicans called plan he layed out a step backwards, so much that top senate republican were mcconnell burst into laugh laughing western he heard it. people on the left, even, a lot of people on the left, said, man, this was heavy handed. he is asking for a lot. >>reporter: he is. if you look at the tax side, the president campaigned on raising taxes but high talked about raising them to the tune of $800 billion. instead, what was put on the table is double that, $1.6 trillion in new tax increases. the president, though, out there upsetting republicans because he is outcampaigning again and he said i missed being out here on
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the trail. so rather than negotiating with republicans he was on the road in pennsylvania and saying i ran on this in terms of raising taxes. it is time to collect. >> at the end of the day, a clear majority of americans, democrats, republicans, independents, agreed with a balanced approach to gift reduction and making sure the middle class taxes don't go up. folks agreed to that. now the good news is we are starting to see a few republicans coming around to it, too. >>reporter: nancy pelosi has a news conference and added that elections have consequences. the democrats now think they can push their agenda through but republicans are saying when the democrats ran on the balanced approach it was not just tax increases but spending cuts, as well. speaker boehner says he is waiting to see those. >>shepard: a lot of the
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president's base criticized him in their mind from negotiating from a point of weakness. a lot of that, he could be going for that base, they have a long way to go before republicans will play. >>guest: they do. talking of the political bases on the conservative side, there is a lost treasure on speaker boehner to not give in on what is the holy grill for them, which is not raising tax rates. so speaker boehner reiterated today that he would be willing to wipe out some deductions and make other tax changes but he wants to lower rates. not race rates the he had choice words for the president. >> i took a great risk. the white house spent three weeks frying to develop a proposal, with one up here that calls for $1.6 trillion in new taxes. calls for not even $400 billion in cuts.
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and they want to have this extra spending that is actually greater than the amount they are willing to cut. it was not a serious proposal. so right now we are almost nowhere. >>reporter: the risk, the day after the election, speaker boehner put tax revenues on the table and he thought the president in exchange would come up with a lot more in terms of spending cuts to help speaker boehner sell this plan with his republicans who want the spending cuts at the end the news conference he said flatly, we are at a stalemate. that seems to be true. >>shepard: thank you, ed. the country that is supposed to be brokering the cease-fire in israel and hamas is a disaster with massive protests. the growing crisis in the largest population-wise in the region, egypt, and what it means for the mill east. >> health experts say there is a
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go to >>shepard: egypt's rush to draft a new constitution has sparked backlash against the government. tahrir square is packed with tens of thousands of egyptians protesting against their president morsi and his assembly after they approved a draft of the new constitution. they did it but any christians, no liberals, no moderate muslims, because they left the body in protest. they claim that the assembly is bent on passing laws that restricts speech and women's rights and the draft come as week after president morsi gave himself unchecked control over the country. he made himself a dictator. he claims it is "temporary" in
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order to promote stability. steve harrigan is live in cairo. what is the draft constitution? >>reporter: well, opposition figures including the nobel peace prize laureate is calling the constitution a coup against democracy. they are sharply criticizing it as a rush drive, 16 hours of voting on a constitution, pushing it through only after all moderates, liberals and christians have left the room in protest. right now it stands to go to referendum in 15 days but the anger against it and the concerns about the protection of women under the new constitution, the role of islam under the new constitution, that has raised the number of protesters we are seeing tonight. >>shepard: and nothing has lessened the numbers. >>reporter: it was an intent to try and stem the profit but the reverse is happening with larger and stronger crowds than last night. some of the opposition leaders
12:17 pm
say they vow to sleep in this square until the president backs down. the president has supporters and we are likely to see the muslim brotherhood to come out to support the president. >>shepard: thank you, steve harrigan, in cairo. we have former state department undersecretary who is now a professor of diplomacy in international politics at harvard's kennedy school of government. big picture, what is happening? >>guest: a power struggle. it has been underway for many months, between the new egypt, the muslim brotherhood, and the judiciary appointed by president mubarak and liberal and secular political parties. the muslim brotherhood and president morsi are trying to take power. president morsi assumeing
12:18 pm
authoritarian powers right now with no restrictions on freedom of speech. the power struggle is playing out in the streets of cairo today with the opposition protesting. tomorrow, the government supporters and the muslim brotherhood take to the streets. a senior dramatic and important moment for the egyptian revolution. >>shepard: really, for greater middle east who are supposed to be the brokers of the police between israel and hamas. >>reporter: eight or nine days ago president morsi was the hero who put cease-fire between israel and hamas but he made a series of decisions that have a lot of people questioning his judgment. he had to walk back some of them. push through a constitution in the dead of night, ignoring the liberal and secular voices in the society it seems to be a
12:19 pm
substantial mistake. >>shepard: does the military back him? do we know? >>guest: the constitution which i have not read, it appears to keep the military relatively immune from interference by the new parliament. that could leave the military authorities in place. there are two institutions that could pump back against the dictatorship, including the court system. and the other is the military. we have not heard much from the military for some time. >>shepard: thank you from harvard. >>shepard: representatives from every country on this planet will sit down to write new rules for the internet. some of them say they want more control over what we saw. they want the u.n. to take over the thing in a matter of speaking.
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>>shepard: a republican senator is upping the ante on nominations of susan rice over benghazi. ambassador rice said the attack was the result of a respond tablous mob and officials say it was a terror attack and has insisted she was reading, repeating official talking points and the final version came from intelligence agencies and not the white house. that 'it were the intelligence community is now backing her. but susan collins is not accepting that claiming she was well aware this was a lot more
12:24 pm
to those talking points. and now the news from washington. catherine? >>reporter: since the closed classified briefings on capitol hill lawmakers say they shad access to unclassified access on the c.i.a. talking points and classified information and now a leading republican in the senate tells fox the classified information including a daily brief of the president containing the most highly classified intelligence and in this case included evidence of al qaeda involvement in the benghazi attack. here is senator collins speaking to fox news. >> she had access to the full presidential daily brief on intelligence so she was well informed and knew that our intelligence community felt there were ties to al qaeda affiliates involves in the attack. >>reporter: aside from rice's role in the controversy a second report focuses on her financial
12:25 pm
holdings along with her husband. with a combined net worth reported to be in excess $30 million their stock includes companies that recently did business with iran. the foundation that analyzes the finances of government leaders says her holdings have been out there for better part of a year but only got a second look this week. >> because she is such a controversy as a nominee this is magnified. every potential appointee, people go through their past and their history and ask questions. >>reporter: her spokesman said her boss worked to impose the toughest u.n. sanctions on iran and complied with annual financial disclosure requirements. >>shepard: thank you. for a second day people across syria are dealing with a nationwide internet blackout and a top official at the united nations has harsh words about the deadly civil war which has stretched on for more than a
12:26 pm
year. the details are next. and powerful storms are smacking the west coast with heavy rain and winds. ♪ [ male announcer ] are you on medicare? do you have the coverage you need? open enrollment ends friday, december 7th. so don't wait. now's the time to get on a path that could be right for you... with unitedhealthcare medicare solutions.
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>>shepard: police are holding a news conference on a deadly attack at a community college in wyoming. at least three people are dead. the school spokesman tells fox
12:30 pm
the attack involved a chart-edged weapon. it happened this morning north and west of the capital city of cheyenne. the spokesman cited that it involved a student and a faculty member. the lockdown has been in place if four hours at caspar college. this is "studio b." it is the bottom the hour. time for the top of the news. the united nations secretary-general said today that syria's 20 month long civil war has reached new and appalling heights of brow -- brutality. both sighteds have stepped up attacks in more than -- with more than four million in need of humanitarian aid. syrian jets bombed rebel targets near the damascus airport as major middle east airlines continue to suspend flights into the syrian capital.
12:31 pm
the interpret is down for a second day. the syrian government blames "terrorists." the activists say syrian civil war led to the deaths of more than 40,000. and now live to conor. this is getting serious and it is reportedly the biggest communications outage since it began. >>reporter: yes. that is right. according to international analysts they say 90 90 percentf the internet connections are down in syria. it is overwhelmingly likely that it was the assad regime that cut the communication devices. there are a couple of possibilities. some analysts say it is possible the regime will launch a large scale military offensive. they have cut devices before but the more likely is that as rebels push to damascus and government-held areas they are doing anything they can to try to slow down the rebel assault in the government-held areas.
12:32 pm
a way to do that is to cut the phones and the internet. it should be pointed out that rebels have access to a lot of international communication devices and the united states and europe have been providing satellite phones and international satellite if the internet so rebels have access to the internet in some areas but, certainly, it appears the internet across most of syria is down and it is likely to be targeting the rebel communications. >>shepard: damascus was fine all the time and now it look like they are making serious gains around the capital. >>guest: that is right. we her reports of fighting inside damascus but the more shocking is that the damascus international airport is having flights taking off and landing for the two year war and now it has had a runway hit by mortars year and the main road leading to the airport was closed because of heavy fighting. we hear that the airport is back up and running but emirates and
12:33 pm
egyptian air have closed their flights. there are reports the rebels are pushing closer and closer to the government held areas around damascus. we have heard that 20 leave fighters who joined the ranks of the syrian rebels were killed by pro assad forces yesterday or early today and it is not clear when they were killed but it does appear there was a shifting landscape in syria right now with fighters coming in, possibly going to ignite a larger regional conflict and the rebels themselves are making progress. >>shepard: thank you, conor. at the same time the internet has gone dark in syria a united nations group will debate major changes in who controls the internet. the agenda of the meeting is still a secret but some proposals have leaked out. here are some of them: rules to let countries control the internet contact in their own
12:34 pm
borders. russia is backing that. some arab countries are pushing for identification of all internet users. some developing nations are asking to be have individual websites pay to reach users across internal borders. changes to the open internet policy could three new sensorship and give new ammunition to countries that try to silence critics in iran or china. the united states government opposes all the changes. as do tech giants like google, facebook, and microsoft. officials with the u.n. group say this has nothing to do with sensorship but they want to update the country treaty which has stayed the same since 1988 long before the internet became such a household term. long before we used it. and now the counterterrorism and computer crime analyst who is live with us this afternoon. you start reading this stuff and it is this weird soup. what, exactly, are they doing? >>guest: well, this is atlas
12:35 pm
shrugged. they are trying to do it under "we want to tax" and it is certain things about revenue and the sender pays but it boils down to control, to the control and the free flow of information and ideas and the minute you do that you end up with syria which is cutting off communication and keeping people from the outside understand what is going on, inside. >>shepard: this is obviously not something the united states is for, if we don't sign off does it mean it doesn't happen? what is the word? >>guest: this is complex because the internet was built by technologist and engineers not by bureaucrats and legislators. i am not a lawyer so i cannot tell you what will happen but it would make it difficult for big companies like the ciscos of the world or the at&t's, at the end
12:36 pm
of the day there will be losers and the losers will be consumers and the citizens who use the intent. >>shepard: this is being headed up at the united nations? really? really? >>guest: you could have knocked me over with a feather. i am shock they want to control stuff. look at iran, russia, china, all the places that are saying, they want to do it under the guise of wanting but if you do it for one thing can you do it for another and you can suppress free thought, ideas, the free flow of information and social media and twitter and facebook are the new form of intelligence chatter. we monitor things happening in syria and iran based on our access. this has far reaching ramifications not jut business or taxing but legal, technical, intelligence, military, a host of things that will happen here. >>shepard: thank you. this is a very big thing going
12:37 pm
on so tonight on fox report we will go in depth on what they are doing and trying to do and how it will affect our access to the internet for a very long time to come. we are tracking a line of bad storms that are battering the west coast of the country with heavy rain, snow, potential if wind gusts over 70 miles per hour. flood watches and warnings in affect across southern oregon and northern and central california where the forecasters are warning the waves could reach up to 15'. great conditions for surfing but it is much too dangerous to swim. our chief meteorologist is for this. i have not seen anything this bad for a long-term. rick: and this is the second batch this month. we had northern areas with 10" of rain a couple weeks ago and now they are getting another 10" and maybe another 8" or 10" so big flooding concerns in central california toward lake tahoe to
12:38 pm
around santa barbara and heavy rain overnight with us all day. it will break up and we will have a reprieve for 24 hours and then we start to see this kick in. this upper level disturbance pulls in the moisture from around hawaii, a rich, tropical moisture, and it will continue. the next big bout comes in on sunday so there is a clearing and we will have heavy rain again. some spots, maybe up to 12" of rain, and it is not a cold event and we are not talking huge snow accumulation on the passes so the roads are okay toward lake tahoe but in the higher elevations we see that change to snow. a big storm. after sunday it looks like another smaller one on tuesday and then maybe four or five day
12:39 pm
clearing before it starts again. >>shepard: thank you, risk. a freight train derailed on a bridgend sent several cars drop people on to a creek and one car had a dangerous confirm which could trigger nausea and breathing problems in south jersey half an hour outside of philadelphia. officials are warning folks in the area to stay inside just in case. one local says he is not taking any chances wearing a hope made gas mask wheel he talks to reporters. >> i have want add lot movies. i want to stay alive to warn my friends. i don't want my eyes to immediate. >>shepard: a dozen people have checked in if treatment related to the crash. people who spent hours and hours and hours at gym running could be doing themselves more harm than god.
12:40 pm
the growing body of evidence that too much exercise could be very bad for us. and palestinians celebrate their new status as a state, a new twist that could set negotiations in the middle east back again. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes.
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>>shepard: celebrations in the street after the united nations updated the status of palestinians. fire would over gaza city and a local called the u.n. vote a great victory for the palestinians. remember, it does not grant them independence but palestinians say they hope it will help in their negotiations with israel as they seek to return to the so-called pre-1967 borders where israel would give back land to the west bank and gaza and east jerusalem. after the vote, israel gave crews the okay to build 3,000
12:44 pm
new housing units inside east jerusalem and the west bank. palestinian leaders have said they will not return to peace talks unless and until israel put as freeze on the construction of the settlements. and now like to our newsroom in jerusalem. our president has urged them to stop with the settlement for years now. >> indeed. the israelis made this announcement hours after the vote took place and many arguably have said it is more than coincidental and in addition to the 3,000 housing units, the israelis also announced that they considering an additional settlement expansion, as well. as you just mentioned, the palestinian status is based on 1967 borders. on paper that mean as divided jerusalem with a site holy to jews and ending up under
12:45 pm
palestinian control under this resolution yesterday. israel says the only way to resolve this conflict is with talks with that seems increasingly unlikely in view of the announcement. >>shepard: what are the palestinian leaders saying about the announcement? >>reporter: only hours ago the palestinians celebrated on the west bank but celebrating in gaza. there was a sense they were united and now maybe they are going to be further united in view of the announcement. the palestinian president issued a statement a short time ago saying this declaration is a slap in the face of the entire world which decided to vote in favor of the police officer state. also, very critical, calling it counterproductive is the united states state department and to give you perspective on this, there are half a million or so israelis and about 2.5 million palestinians would live on the west bank. it looks like this is a controversy that is not going to go away any time soon.
12:46 pm
>>shepard: it doesn't appear. thank you. getting too much exercise can lead you to an early grave. that is the finding in a new study published online in the journal "heart." doctors have said daily exercise can lead to a longer and more healthy life but they find intense workouts that last more than an hour each day can kill you. that includes avid runners who may believe wrongly that those demanding work outs are making them healthier. too much exercise can cause calcium to block your arteries and can rapidly age your hard. the study's athunderstorm wreck high intensity exercise to be between 30 and 50 minute as day. and now, we have associate professor at the university of san diego and faculty member at the cardiology division at nyu. we have these people on our staff, for instance, one guy, he runs like 1,000 miles a day and
12:47 pm
he is very proud of himself but we are all worried he will drop dead. >>guest: well, the path to nutrition and exercise, not too much, noittle. that is the safest way. exercise is the most important thing can you do for health. it reduces heart disease, heart attacks and strokes, it reduces obesity and diabetes, depression , stress but there is a subset of people that overdo it the when you overdo something, there is potential for harm. it is like a drug. medications, not enough, you do not get the benefit. too much, you have harm. >>shepard: if rob runs 50 mile as day is that too much? >>guest: the interesting thing we are talking about people would go 25 to 100 mile as week could be hurting themselves. there is treasure -- pressure on the heart and damage to the myo
12:48 pm
cardium and you get prolonged scarring. >>shepard: when you are 27 or 28 you do not think of that but at my age, what will happen? >>guest: exactly. the problem is there is a lot of endorphens released. >>shepard: it is not good for your joints? >>guest: no question, those you should exercise. >>shepard: a couple or two two-r three-mile as day is plenty. >>guest: 30 to 40 minutes of aerobic exercise each day between four and six miles an hour is enough. that is the good news. you don't have to overdo it. >>shepard: you only, you dodge have to overdo anything. that is the key to life. including working.
12:49 pm
work teach that is no good. >>guest: enjoy life. >>shepard: a wealthy businessman is handing out cash to victims of super storm sandy giving them a brand new reason to smile.
12:50 pm
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12:52 pm
>>shepard: a guy in a san that costume is bringing relief to super storm sandy's victim, a wealthy businessman interested in remaining anonymous, and he handed out cash to folks on staten island and in elizabeth, new jersey and is planning to hand out hundred thousand. $100,000 in all. >> merry christmas.
12:53 pm
>> are you serious? >> serious. >> really? really? my god! >> maybe you can do a little more shopping, buy something a little bit more than you would have bought before. just pass the kindness on along down the road. love you, merry christmas. >>shepard: how great is that does secret santa gained supporters who where elf hats and find people who need stuff. what a great story. gregg jarrett this is awesome. >>gregg: a feel good story. remarkable subsequent ross it and directed to those who could feel desperate. one new jersey woman, four children to support, no job, another woman with a sick grand daughter. >> birthdays, back do back, christmas, and i have no income right now, gosh...i got, i feel like i got a million, god is
12:54 pm
there all the time. >> my granddaughters now have money to make the bus. >>gregg: santa landed in staten island, surprising folks still suffering. >> we last our whole house. i had two properties and we lost everything the we were on the beach. the house is gone. >> very nice. very nice. very nice. we are volunteering for weeks now and for someone to give something back to us, you know, it was a surprise. >>gregg: a sample of the joy he is bringing to folks who do not have a last it. >>shepard: i am curious about this guy. who is he? he. whats to remain anonymous. >>gregg: kansas city. a wealthy businessman there. and we actually managed to track him down. i just got off the phone with him and i asked, why, why are you doing this and he wants to set an example to inspire others to engage if random acts of
12:55 pm
kindness. >> if those who have been the recipient of kindness, who have been the recipient of random acts of kindness, they get it. and if those who are thinking about it, don't let fear block you. just step outside yourself, do something today, tomorrow, next week. >>gregg: he took it over from his friend who gave away more than $1 million to strangers before he died five years ago and this gentleman who was so very nice and he hopes to give away all his money before he dies. >>shepard: very great thing and the tags man can't get you. >>gregg: that is true. good point. >>shepard: putting video of a flaming yule log on a scoreboard is effective in scaring the daylights out of the residents.
12:56 pm
oh, let me guess --ou see this? more washington gridlock. no, it's worse -- look, our taxes are about to go up. not the taxes on our dividends though, right? that's a big part of our retirement. oh, no, it's dividends, too. the rate on our dividends would more than double. but we depend on our dividends to help pay our bills. we worked hard to save. well, the president and congress have got to work together to stop this dividend tax hike. before it's too late.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>>shepard: if we had a pick city of the day it would be regina, in canada. thank you. and then there is this, officials at a football stadium in regina, in canada, probably thought they had a good idea. to get in the holiday spirit they put the video of a a burning yule log up but the folks did not realize what was happening and the local fire department in regina received four frantic 9-1-1 calls if the last weeks from people all over regina saying stadium was on fire. a couple of the callers in regina reports smelling smoke. stadium officials in reginary moved the video this week and a

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